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Corten steel is outstanding grade with heightened resistance to weather conditions. The steel self-creates protective coating resembling rust – the layer makes corten steel unique, elegant, and durable at the same time. 

Visual properties of corten steel plates make the material valued by architects, designers, sculptors and decorators. Shade of the steel continuously changes along with progressing rusting. Through the years, rust layer and its colour becomes more steady and integrated with environment. 

How does the impressive corrosion of corten steel progress?

First stage of corten steel’s corrosion is arising of firmly adhesing, impenetrable layer of oxide on the surface. This layer, beside iron oxide contains elements such as Cu, Cr, Ni or P, and effectively protects corten steel against external corrosion.  

Time of oxide layer formation differs in dependence on environmental factors and their intensity. Corten steel plates exposed to rain, wind and sun impact, is covered with oxide faster. Moreover, frequent fluctuations of humidity expedite aging process.

Colour and time of corten steel’s oxide layer arising depends on environment pollution as well. In area, where it is clear, e.g. rural environment, oxide arises slower, and rust has more intensive shades. Steel exposed to industrial conditions covers with protective rust, and its colour will not be so dark.

Should corten steel be additionally protected?

Natural resistance of corten steel to corrosive impact of environmental factors makes use of anti-corrosion agents not necessary in most cases. Covering of corten steel with anti-corrosion agent is advised when:

  • Steel is going to be used in areas where humidity accumulates
  • Corten steel will be immersed or buried in concrete, soil or gravel.

Corten steel – where to buy?

Our offer involves wide range of corten steel plates. We ensure professional consulting in terms of materials choice as well as its use and potential anti-corrosion application.

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