Production and processing of steel components

We supply various types of steel parts, which is a professional construction equipment. We offer:

  • burning of any shapes from sheets, pipes and sections (Plasma-oxygen plasma cutting machine plasma source HPR 260 XD with 3D head on 2500 x 12000 work table)
  • cutting bars and sections to any size (3 band saws with maximum cutting width of 240/520/620 and cutting capacity in the following order: 0 degrees / 45 degrees / 60 degrees)
  • steel cleaning (surface from 1.0 mm, without the effect of corrugation)
  • corrosion protection and painting (full choice of colors - from primer to final surface paints)
  • bending of sheets and production of pipes with the possibility of welding up to 24 mb (small and large rolling mill with a working range of respectively: l = 10 cm to l = 140 cm, diameter from fi 136 mm to 2000 mm / l = 10 cm to 3100 cm, diameter from fi 280 mm to 6000 mm)
  • production of tanks, silos and containers
  • bending of sections, pipes, bars and angles (HEA HEB IPE UPN INP sections, pipes, round and square rods, closed profiles, flat bars, angles,T-Bars)
  • manufacturing flanges, angle sections, U sections and any components based on specifications provided (bending brake with a capacity of 400 T with bench leght l= 6 LM)
  • cutting with a guillotine shear (scope of operation, maximum for metal plate up to 10 mm thick and a wight of 2.5 LM)
  • drilling holes (multiradial drilling machines, magnetic drill machines and by plasma shots with a thermal cutter)
  • turning (metalworking of rods with a lathe)
  • milling

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